Here at Letterfest HQ we are always excited to show off our new designs and our faithful best sellers. When the special occasions come around each year we often send out emails or newsletters to give you some thoughtful gift ideas. We even throw in the odd cheeky discount!!   

We are however acutely aware that for every person that will be looking forward to giving a personalised gift on that day, there will sadly be someone who will be unable to. We never want any of our customers to worry about opening up their emails at what could already be a difficult time for them. With that in mind we have signed up to be part of the Thoughtful Marketing Movement

We already offered our customers the option to not receive emails for certain marketing campaigns but being part of this movement means we can help spread the word for other companies to get involved and do the same. 


What is thoughtful marketing?

The thoughtful marketing movement was started in 2019 by the online florist Bloom and Wild. They gave their customers the option to opt out of receiving any  marketing around Mothers Day. It became such a thought provoking hit that they introduced it for other special occasions, Fathers Day, Valentines day and any other big event that could be sensitive or upsetting for someone to receive emails for.  It was even mentioned in Parliament!  It's now a big campaign that brands have been encouraged to sign up and now Letterfest.

How can I opt out of sensitive 'special occasion' updates?

We will send out emails throughout the year to our customers that are signed up to our newsletters and promotions. It will be similar to this one below. You can update your preferences at anytime so its as easy as clicking a button.





March 30, 2023